Whitney McAllister

I was born with drive and a competitive nature, and as the daughter of a high school basketball and track coach, I dove right into sports! I loved being part of a team and working towards a goal each season. My love for sports continued through high school and onto college, but after college sports ended, I felt lost. I thought, What now? For my whole life, I had someone telling me how to work out and when to work out. While at times felt lost in search of finding myself in my post organized-sports life, I ended up finding my way to Lotus. Lotus not only helped me combine my past with my present, but also helped me find who I truly was. I can now use my energy to motivate others around me and remind them that no goal is too big, no hill is to heavy, and anyone can change their lifestyle for the best at any time if they choose. Having a full-time job in mortgage lending and teaching cycle before and after can lead to jam packed weeks, but it’s my passion, it’s what I love, and I can't imagine it any other way !